La quarante sixième galerie de photos

Eté 2011

Photos Rob Hoen


Bienvenue aux Petites Dalles !

In the village of Les Petites Dalles every house has an entrance with a certain atmosphere. Each house owner makes you feel welcome in his own way. Rob Hoen photographed in the summer of 2011 some of the entrances of the houses in one take, all the images were made in one hour of time. Look and enjoy the images, and make yourself curious what's behind these doors !

(Rob Hoen craignant d'écorcher notre langue, envoie le commentaire de ses photos en anglais. Je préfère le laisser tel quel).

lpd_bv_005_lr.jpg lpd_bv_006_lr.jpg lpd_bv_007_lr.jpg lpd_bv_008_lr.jpg lpd_bv_009_lr.jpg lpd_bv_010_lr.jpg lpd_bv_011_lr.jpg lpd_bv_012_lr.jpg
lpd_bv_013_lr.jpg lpd_bv_014_lr.jpg lpd_bv_015_lr.jpg lpd_bv_016_lr.jpg lpd_bv_017_lr.jpg lpd_bv_018_lr.jpg lpd_bv_019_lr.jpg lpd_bv_020_lr.jpg
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lpd_bv_29_lr.jpg lpd_bv_30_lr.jpg lpd_bv_31_lr.jpg lpd_bv_32_lr.jpg lpd_bv_33_lr.jpg lpd_bv_34_lr.jpg lpd_bv_35_lr.jpg lpd_bv_36_lr.jpg